In September 1978, 480 students were placed at an incomplete building at Mc Leod Trace which was in reality a dirt track. Students were housed at Carapichaima R.C. and Chandernagore Presbyterian. School hours were from 1pm to 4:30pm. On October 2nd the students were moved to the building at MC Ledo Trace where the shift system started- 240 students on each shift. The administrators at Carapichaima Junior Secondary at this point were Supervisor –Mr. Sieuchand, Principal-Mr.Deo Ramnarine, Vice Principal A.M shift- Mr Wesley Ramjattan, Vice Principal P.M shift-Mr. John Soogrim. Emphasis was placed on five subjects Mathematics, English, Art, Spanish and Social Studies. The school uniform, school prayer, record and report books were established at this time.

In September 1979 a new intake of students brought the school population to 960 students with the addition of many new teachers. At this institution much work has been done to give our students a well-rounded education. They were given exposure to drama through the School Drama Festival. In the area of Music our school entered the Music Festival on many occasions.

On our Journey to Excellence we at Carapichaima Junior Secondary School have implemented various programmes example Honour Certificates, Prefect System, Star Students and Star Class. A Thanksgiving Service is conducted each year before our forms threes begin exams.

Graduation exercises follow. At this function students who have excelled in various subject areas as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities are honoured. Last year, 2003 the Healthy Lifestyle theme was incorporated into the curriculum. A Walkathon, Family Day, Lecture from the district nurse and other activities were embarked upon. All this was done in an effort to get parents, teachers and students to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
From September 2003 to the present there has been a drive to improve the environment of the school. Benches, tables, air conditioning units, special rooms and paint job all contributed to the new look.
Professional days/ Workshops are held on a regular basis. In the area of Remedial reading courses continue. In the words of our School Prayer, “Help Our Nation to grow from strength to strength.” We at Carapichaima Junior Secondary School are doing our best to help our students strive in that direction.









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